Dancing In The Rain officially released

Mike’s new album was released on July 1, with a sellout concert at The Basement in Sydney.  It will go to retail over the next week or two and be available for sale at Mike's concerts around Australia in the coming months.

Many have said that it may be the best collection of songs he has ever recorded in his long and illustrious career.  To quote Richard Glover, ABC 702 Drive presenter:

"Mike McClellan just gets better and better.  It is such a beautiful album.  I loved every song."

The song I Wonder Who You're Waiting For has been released to radio within the last week and is already generating enormous interest - Macca, ABC Australia All Over host loves it and has been playing a live version for weeks now.

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Free album sampler.

If you go to the samples page you can download a powerful new song, Simple Man that was recorded at the same time as the new album but has not been included on the CD.